Transgender Students To Compete On NC High School Athletic Teams

RALEIGH – Around the nation women’s sporting records are being shattered, and competition is being decimated. It’s not due to an incredible, generational spike in talent, but due to another phenomenon that marks this  – boys and men are being allowed to compete in girls’ and women’s leagues. To be sure, these boys/men are ‘transgender’ and identify girls/women. Except nature does not identify biological males as biological females, especially when it comes to competitive physical sports, and the biological boys identifying and competing as girls in school sports naturally end up dominating.

This year, girl athletes at high schools in North Carolina may be surprised to find a boy on their team, or worse, on the other team during competition. That’s because the North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) Board of Directors approved changes a couple of months ago that allow students to compete in athletics as a gender that is not their biological gender.

The NC Family Policy Council is drawing attention to the changes in language and the implications of them.

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