Tom Homan (Former Director of ICE under President Trump)

I proudly endorse Sandy Smith for North Carolina’s 1st District as the next member of Congress. I have personally met and spoke with Sandy and discussed her stance on important issues that directly affect our freedoms as American citizens to include our 2nd amendment rights and our right to have a secure border and defend our nation’s sovereignty.

Sandy will fight to ensure we enforce our immigration laws in the interior while we take the necessary steps to secure our borders as President Trump successfully did.  She will work hard to continue to build the wall as the patriots of the United States Border Patrol have asked for.  Walls save lives, walls work.

Finally, I know that Sandy will support the men and women of law enforcement and will always have their backs.  She is the right person, at the right time, fighting for the right things. She loves this great nation and will fight hard to protect it from those that want to radically transform it. God bless her.”