Sandy Smith Wins Republican Nomination for North Carolina’s 1st Congressional District

Sandy Smith has won the Republican primary for the 1st Congressional District, which covers a large swath of northeast North Carolina, defeating Sandy Roberson and six other candidates.

“The Democrats are scared of me,” Smith said. “I have fulfilled my first campaign promise of 2020 and that was to send G.K. Butterfield packing…If I had not done so well he would be still running today.” Smith worked as a business executive and farmer. “I’m the America First fighter and I am going to go to Washington and fight for you,” Smith said.

The North Carolina GOP and Republican National Committee both congratulated Sandy shortly after her victory.

“Underdogs can win if the people are with us”, said Smith. “The media should be reporting our huge victory despite the odds and smears but they won’t because they are afraid of us. They know we will take our country back.” Smith, who received a call from opponent Mayor Sandy Roberson congratulating her on her win, encouraged her supporters to extend an olive branch and bring the rest of the party together to defeat the Democrats in November.