Sandy Smith is the America First Conservative Choice for Congress

I’m Sandy Smith. I have been fighting to flip this district back when GK Butterfield was the congressman and the district was so blue no one would even try.

Well I forced GK Butterfield to retire and now with the new district map this is a red-leaning district which means I would have won last time if the district lines were what they are right now.

I have always supported President Trump and have proudly endorsed him for president.

I fought the 2020 election fraud and when I get in congress I am going to investigate and fix the election mess.

I will also fight against the drug cartels, stand with the state of Texas in their fight to secure our border and will always put America first.

Also, when I get in congress I am going to stop the woke nonsense in our military and restore Fort Bragg’s name!

Farmers, law enforcement, veterans, military and parents – I have your backs.

I ask you to please vote for me Sandy Smith and president Trump by March 5th. Thank you and God Bless. #NC01