Sandy Smith Endorsed by The Patriot Contract

From The Patriot Contract:

“Our first endorsement of the day goes to Sandy Smith as she is an America Firster who is capable of winning her district and representing her native North Caroilina like a glove. Sandy Smith is a local legend for her community as she has created hundreds of well-paying jobs, and businesses. She has also distributed thousands of food packages to local families in need over the course of a month and has worked to create a nonprofit youth organization promoting the health and integrity of local youth regardless of their family’s financial situation. To add some more Sandy Smith’s family has a long line of service across various branches of our nation’s armed forces and as a military mother it is assured that she will keep America First by ending and preventing all potential “Forever War” situations be it Ukraine or the Middle East. With these facts in mind, we are proud to say that Sandy Smith will be one of our movement’s best once she ascends to Congress come 2025.”