My pledge to the people of North Carolina is this:  I will go to work for you every single day – putting you first, representing our values and standing up for the men and women who put on a uniform to defend our nation.

Voters across the country are tired of long-time politicians thinking they are owed the right to ascend to the next office,” said Mrs. Smith.  “The problems we are facing today are because we have supported a political system that rewards incompetence, special interests, and weak leadership.  In the absence of true leadership, the people will follow anyone who steps up the microphone.  Our country’s problems have reached a breaking point, we need serious leaders who will stand up for the people and reject special interests.  We need the next generation of leadership in the U.S. Senate to stand up to the status quo – and to elect people who aren’t afraid to shake things up.”

Many refer to me as the “Little Red Firecracker” for my strong, honest opinions, energetic personality (with a touch of feistiness) and my ‘never-give-up’ attitude.  I will always put the people of North Carolina first.


I believe that life begins with conception. As your senator, I will fight every day to protect and defend the sanctity of life, including the unborn. I believe that late and so-called “fourth term” abortions must be prohibited without exception. As we continue to fight for every life, we also need to look at reforming adoption policies and costs so more orphaned children can live their dream of having a family of their own.


You have my commitment to pursue fiscally-responsible budgetary policy. America cannot continue its path of uncontrolled taxing and spending. I believe that deep budget and tax cuts are required to bring America back to fiscal responsibility and accountability.


I stand with our law enforcement, and support all of our men and women in blue. As Americans, we must reject the anti-Police rhetoric of the radical liberals. In addition, I support the use of body cameras for our officers in the field, to help keep them safe and provide a video record.


Today, there are more jobs in North Carolina than there are applicants. I strongly support a renewed focus on education and job training to ensure that North Carolinians are able to fill those high-paying jobs. 


Thanks to President Trump and his pro-business policies, the American economy is booming again. Today, we have a 3% GDP growth rate and the lowest unemployment in over 50 years. I am proud to stand with the Trump administration’s economic agenda of reduced regulations and free markets. A booming economy is good for all.


Energy independence is critical to safeguarding our national security. I support eliminating the Obama administration’s costly regulations and energy subsidies, and opening up the energy market to all energy sources.


As our founders declared, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. I am a proud gun owner with a North Carolina concealed carry permit. I believe that the right to self-defense is a basic human right, and will work tirelessly to defend our 2nd Amendment rights.


Healthcare must be focused on the patient, and based on a free and open market. I strongly support efforts to open up competition across state lines, which will lower healthcare costs for North Carolinians and encourage new providers to open in our small towns.


We need a wall on our southern border and comprehensive immigration reform. Right now, taxpayers are being handed the bill. Our broken system must be fixed.

Our Military

We must support our troops, their families and our veterans. I have lived the life as a military wife and military mother – I know where we need to start to improve the daily lives of those who are dedicating themselves to protect our country.