Oil & Gas Workers Association Endorses Sandy Smith for Congress

Our vital USA oil and gas jobs, the great State of North Carolina, and America’s energy independence are under attack.

We need fighters in every state who will not back down to radical “environmentalists”, misguided politicians, and hostile foreign nations intent on destroying our Republic.

Sandy Smith is the fighter we need in Congress. In D.C., Sandy will lead the charge against USA jobs-killing “Green New Deal” policies that hurt every American. Sandy Smith will stand up for our jobs and unapologetically defend our families and country.

Oil & Gas Workers Association proudly endorses Sandy Smith for Congress and encourages all citizens in North Carolina’s 1st Congressional District to support her with your vote on March 5, 2024.

Our great Tarheel State, economy, and national security depend on you.

God bless you! God bless America!

Matt Coday
President & Founder, Oil & Gas Workers Association