North Carolina: Don Davis Voted Against Protecting Americans From Violent Illegal Aliens

The Democrat nominee for Congress in North Carolina’s 1st District, Don Davis, voted against protecting American citizens from violent illegal aliens in the North Carolina State Senate, opposing Senate Bill 101 last month which would have required the state’s sheriffs to cooperate with ICE authorities. In absence of the legislation, left-wing sheriffs are effectively free to operate sanctuary justice systems for illegal aliens.

Don Davis voted against Senate Bill 101 in the North Carolina State Senate last month, legislation requiring the state’s sheriffs to contact ICE if they cannot verify the immigration status of someone in their custody on a number of violent charges, including rape, murder, and assaults on children. Despite opposition from Davis and his fellow Democrats, the legislation passed both Republican-controlled chambers, only to be vetoed this week by Democrat Governor Roy Cooper, marking the second time he has blocked legislation meant to protect American citizens from violent illegal aliens in North Carolina.

In absence of the legislation, left-wing Sheriffs are effectively free to run sanctuary justice systems for illegal aliens in their respective jurisdictions, and several of them already appear to be doing so. Sheriffs of multiple North Carolina counties have refused to cooperate with ICE and, in 2019, Mecklenburg County Sheriff Garry McFadden announced that he would no longer honor ICE immigration detainers, even going so far as to release a Honduran illegal fugitive booked on child rape charges, rather than allow federal authorities to apprehend and deport him.

That same year, ICE announced that across North Carolina, a whopping 489 violent illegal alien offenders were knowingly released from local jails before federal authorities got the chance to pick them up.


The chosen successor of longtime incumbent GK Butterfield, observers say that Davis stands a big chance of losing the 1st District, which has been under Democrat control for decades, to Trump-aligned Republican nominee Sandy Smith. Smith is being backed by a number of prominent America First conservatives in her quest to flip the 1st District from blue to red, recently adding Freedom Caucus Rep. Bob Good, of neighboring Virginia, to her list of endorsers.

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