NCFC Congressional District 1 Republican Candidate BREAKDOWN On Gun Rights

From the North Carolina Firearms Coalition:

⛔️🚫⛔️ Laurie Buckhout:

  • REFUSES to pledge opposition to Bloomberg’s gun-control agenda!
  • REFUSES to pledge support for pro-gun bills like abolishing the ATF and the Second Amendment Preservation Act!

✅✅✅ Sandy Smith:

  • 100% in FAVOR of a National Second Amendment Preservation Act!
  • 100% in FAVOR of Abolishing the CORRUPT ATF!
  • 100% OPPOSED to Bloomberg’s gun-control agenda of Red Flag gun confiscation, Universal Gun Registration and an AR-15 ban!
  • Scored an ‘Aq’ PRO-GUN RATING on her 2024 North Carolina Firearms Coalition candidate survey!

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