NC-1 Republican Nominee Sandy Smith Interview on Town Talk (7/25/2022)

Sandy Smith said she sees firsthand the adverse consequences of actions taking place in Washington, D.C. Smith said she’s frustrated at the way the federal government is handling issues from illegal immigration to inflation, and as the Republic nominee for the state’s First Congressional District, she said she’s ready to help the country change its course.

Smith won the Republican primary in May, and now faces Democrat Donald Davis and Independent Eshan Patel in the race for the seat being vacated by G.K Butterfield, who is retiring after almost 20 years in the office.

The sprawling district stretches across 19 counties – including Vance, Warren and Franklin – Smith said in an interview with John C. Rose on Monday’s Town Talk.

“It’s a huge rural district,” Smith said. She and her husband live in Nash County, and from their vantage point as farmers and small business owners, she knows “what government over-reach does and how it can strangle us” here in a district that is more rural than urban.

The “out-of-control inflation is extremely crippling to our district,” Smith said. Small bumps employees may see in paychecks can’t keep up with prices at the grocery store and the gas pump.

“We’re here because of the Democrats and the Biden Administration’s policy,” she said, adding that it’s time to “fix our country and reverse those policies.”

Smith, who describes herself as an American Conservative Christian, cited issues including securing the Southern border to combat illegal immigration and stop the flow of illegal drugs as just a couple of problems that she wants to address if she is elected.

She said she wants to focus on domestic production and exploration of oil, adding that American production uses safer technology than foreign production.   Continued reliance on foreign oil opens the country up for a “major disaster,” she said, “making our country very, very weak.”

A strong American makes for a more peaceful world, she said.

Smith said as farmers of 137 acres of row crops in Nash County, she and her husband experience the sting of high input costs like fuel and fertilizer. And as owners of a construction firm, they’ve experienced the hiccups in the supply chain that brings needed materials to finish ongoing projects.

As she has traveled throughout the district to listen to constituents’ concerns, she said she hears similar stories to her own: The majority of them want safe communities, jobs, a secure border, she said. “They don’t want drugs in their community and they want somebody (in Washington) who’s there every single day.”

There are “huge growth opportunities” in the whole district, she said, including Vance County, and she said she’s the leader who can make that growth a reality.

“We do have opportunities in eastern North Carolina,” Smith noted, “and with the right leadership, we can expand that.” One topic is access to broadband internet, which would enable folks “to have jobs instantly rather than wait for a big company to build a facility” in the district. People could work for homes in a variety of jobs web-based jobs, which would put money in their pockets and into the local economy.

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