Meet Sandy Smith.

Sandy is a successful business executive who has started businesses, created jobs, and worked her way up the hard way. The high energy, can-do attitude Sandy brings is exactly what’s needed in D.C. to drain the swamp and make Congress work for the people of North Carolina.

business executive, entrepreneur and real estate investor.

Sandy has started businesses, created jobs, and worked her way up the hard way.  Her professional experience includes agriculture, construction, and spinal biomechanics – from managing, to negotiating, to training and development.  Sandy knows firsthand what it takes to start and run a business, balance the books, and make payroll.  


Sandy’s family has served in the Air Force, Army, Navy and Marines.  She is a proud military mother as her oldest honorably served as a United States Marine.  She knows what it is like to have a family member deployed overseas and not home for the holidays.  Sandy will stand up and fight for our men and women who put on a uniform to defend our nation.

actively servING her community.

Most recently, Sandy volunteered with her church to help with the Farmers to Family program spearheaded by the Trump administration. Over a four week period, she distributed 4800 boxes of food to families in her community.  Sandy also started a nonprofit youth organization which was structured so that any child who wanted to participate could, regardless of their family’s financial situation.


Sandy and her husband William happily reside in Nash County, NC and share four adult children. They also have a beautiful farm in Ayden, where they embrace the farming and agricultural life. While working and raising a family, Sandy finished her education and graduated Cum Laude from East Carolina University.