Congressman Andy Biggs

“I am happy to endorse Sandy Smith for Congress. Sandy Smith can win the newly redrawn 1st Congressional District of North Carolina. Sandy Smith puts America First, defends our border and fights against out of control spending. Sandy Smith is a staunch conservative who will fight for our conservative pro-America agenda in Congress. Please join me in supporting Sandy Smith for Congress. We need her in office.”

Congressman Eli Crane

“We need more fighters up here like Sandy Smith who has shown the tenacity and courage that is often missing up here in Washington DC. She has taken hits from the Swamp because she actually fights – and that’s what we need to save America!”

Congressman Bob Good

“I am proud to once again endorse Sandy Smith for Congress. She truly knows her district, and will be an outstanding representative for her constituents. Sandy is a winner who genuinely cares about her community – and she has the courage and the toughness to fight for the people. Sandy Smith is the conservative leader we need in Washington fighting for Eastern North Carolina. I look forward to working with her in the next Congress.”

Congressman Paul Gosar

“There is nobody more ‘America First’ in Northeastern North Carolina than conservative fighter Sandy Smith. She’s the genuine article, and I need her as back up in Congress, which is why she has my complete and total endorsement. Sandy Smith is despised by Nancy Pelosi, who spent over $10 million against her in attack ads. Pelosi knows Sandy will secure our border, secure our elections, take care of farmers and rebuild our military and that Sandy is going to win.”

Congressman Scott Perry

I’m pleased, once again, to endorse Sandy Smith for Congress in NC’s First District. I’ve seen firsthand Sandy’s courage in fighting for her district and the principles that made America great. She’s a steadfast supporter of President Trump and will fight for his America First agenda in Congress. North Carolina can’t ask for a better representative than Sandy Smith. I call on all patriots to support her for Congress.

Sen. Wendy Rogers

“I endorse Sandy Smith for US Congress. She is one of the strongest voices in North Carolina calling for an audit. Sandy is a staunch conservative: pro-gun, pro-wall, pro-God. We need Sandy Smith in Congress and she has my 100% support. Join me in backing Sandy Smith for Congress.”

Sean Lavin

Pasquotank County Commissioner

“Sandy has demonstrated a steadfast dedication to addressing the pressing challenges in Pasquotank County and Eastern North Carolina, including soaring food prices, border security concerns, and rising crime fueled by dangerous drugs. Sandy is committed to securing our borders, revitalizing our economy, and restoring North Eastern North Carolina to a path of prosperity, all while prioritizing America’s interests first. That’s why Sandy Smith has my unwavering and wholehearted endorsement!”

Jonathan Meads

Pasquotank County Commissioner

“This is a critical time for the people of Pasquotank County and the people of the First Congressional District. With rising crime, higher and higher food prices and an open border policy that has a major impact on us here locally we need someone with a voice and a passion to take on the issues. That’s why I give my full endorsement to Sandy Smith for Congress in NC01 and ask all those in Pasquotank County to support and get behind her for her Congressional run. Sandy will be the one to help us lower crime, provide us the resources we need, and build a community that puts Americans First.”

Tom Homan

Director of ICE – Trump Administration

“I proudly endorse Sandy Smith for Congress in North Carolina’s First Congressional District. Sandy has demonstrated strong leadership as a Conservative fighter about the out-of-control border issue that has been created by the Biden Administration. During her recent trip to the Southern Border, Sandy was able to see first-hand the tragedy Biden has created there. It was admirable that she made that trip because she wanted ‘hands on’ knowledge of the border rather than just repeating the same old talking points that others use. Sandy Smith will be a vocal advocate for robust immigration policies in Congress and will make it one of her highest priorities once elected. I have personally met with Sandy and understand her commitment to secure our borders and support the men and women of the Border Patrol. She is an America First believer and will be an America First policy maker. I ask you to stand with Sandy Smith for Congress and vote for her to secure our borders!”

Kim Klacik

“Sandy Smith is a firebrand who will bring a breath of fresh air in Congress. She is the only one who has any kind of record of shaking things up and fighting the establishment- fighting for US. She will stand up for our children, stand up to close the border, stand up for fiscal sanity. And she’s the ONLY one in her race that will do so. Eastern North Carolina could not ask for any better Congresswoman – one that will paint it bright RED!”

Rob Maness, GatorPAC

Director of ICE – Trump Administration

“Sandy Smith is the ONLY America First candidate in the North Carolina Congressional District 1 race. I am proud to endorse her campaign. I am confidant Sandy will support President Trump’s America First Agenda to get our Nation back on track to the free and prosperous Constitutional Republic it is supposed to be.”

Teddy Daniels

“As a combat veteran who was wounded in Afghanistan and a staunch loyalist to President Trump, I endorse Sandy Smith for Congress. She has been a Trump supporter and has put America First every step of the way. Nobody thought that the 1st District could ever be flipped and Sandy got GK Butterfield to resign. Now the district is winnable. I endorse Sandy and encourage everyone to get behind the patriot Military Mom and conservative fighter Sandy Smith so she can go knock some heads together in Congress for us.”

North Carolina Hwy. Patrol Lieutenant (Ret.) Robert Reynolds

“We need someone who will consistently back law enforcement in Congress, not just during election times. With my background as a retired NC Highway Patrol Officer, I understand the significance of genuine leaders who prioritize putting America first and actively protecting those who safeguard our communities. That’s why I enthusiastically support Sandy Smith for Congress. Sandy understands the difficulties and issues facing law enforcement officers every day and is committed to keeping our community safe.”

Americans For Legal Immigration PAC

ALIPAC renews our endorsement for Sandy Smith. Sandy will fight against dangerous open borders and has the strongest stances against illegal immigration & any form of amnesty for illegals!

North Carolina Sheriff Police Alliance

“The North Carolina Sheriff Police Alliance proudly endorses Sandy Smith for Congress in 2024. Sandy has proven her dedication by fighting for the interests of law enforcement and our communities in Eastern North Carolina. By electing Sandy Smith, who remains uninfluenced by special interests, we KNOW we can expect robust representation that ensures the protection and well-being of law enforcement and their families. Together, let’s work towards safer communities and elect a dedicated member of our community – Sandy Smith.”

North Carolina Firearms Coalition

AQ-Rated (Highest Possible Rating)

“In the contested primary for Congressional District 1, North Carolina Firearms Coalition is pleased to give candidate Sandy Smith the ONLY pro-gun rating in this race! Sandy Smith has pledged to support your gun rights 100% as a member of Congress! Meanwhile ALL of her opponents REFUSED to complete their candidate questionnaire, leaving gun voters in the dark on their positions on our Second Amendment freedoms! So, If you see Sandy Smith on the campaign trail, THANK HER for pledging to FIGHT for gun owners in Washington, DC!”

Bikers For Trump

“With conviction and determination, we proudly endorse Sandy Smith for Congress in District 1, a candidate who embodies the values we hold dear. Together, we stand united in our commitment to putting America first, safeguarding our borders, and ensuring the integrity of our elections. Sandy Smith’s unwavering dedication to these crucial issues resonates deeply with us, as we strive to protect the very fabric of our great nation. Let us ride forth with passion and purpose, knowing that our voices matter, our votes count, and our collective strength can shape the future of America.”

Veterans For America First

“Sandy is America first, Pro-Life, Pro-Guns and Pro-Military. She had our endorsement last cycle as well as President Trump’s. We are proud to stand behind her this cycle as she stands with Trump and has condemned the left and their abuse of the rule of law with proposed political prosecution of our 45th President.”

Oil & Gas Workers Association

“Our vital USA oil and gas jobs, the great State of North Carolina, and America’s energy independence are under attack. We need fighters in every state who will not back down to radical “environmentalists”, misguided politicians, and hostile foreign nations intent on destroying our Republic. Sandy Smith is the fighter we need in Congress. In D.C., Sandy will lead the charge against USA jobs-killing “Green New Deal” policies that hurt every American. Sandy Smith will stand up for our jobs and unapologetically defend our families and country.”

Stand For Health Freedom

“Stand for Health Freedom supports candidates who make and support policy to protect and expand individual and family choice in matters of personal health. We believe Sandy Smith will defend and expand these rights for North Carolina residents.”

Taxpayer Protection Pledge

I am proud to announce that I have signed Americans for Tax Reform’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge. This pledge means that I promise that I will never vote to raise your taxes.

America First P.A.C.T.


“Our nation needs fighters like Sandy, willing to stand against the swamp while standing up for our great nation’s constitution and traditions. Sandy knows her district and appreciates the unprecedented battles we face under the left’s assault on our basic constitutional rights. It’s never been more important that we send representatives to congress willing to stand for parent’s rights, energy independence, free speech, boarder security and government accountability.”

Legacy PAC


“We believe in the timeless principles of limited government and individual liberty. We are committed to preserving and promoting these values for the future. Driven by our community’s values, we carefully vet and support candidates at various levels of government who align with our vision for a stronger and more prosperous nation. Our endorsement process involves thorough evaluations of each candidate’s track record, their stance on critical issues, and their dedication to representing the best interests of the people they serve.”

Liberty First Grassroots


“Liberty First Grassroots endorses Sandy Smith, [the] unapologetically America First, pro-life, pro-gun, pro-military, freedom loving, pro-Trump fighter running for Congress in North Carolina’s First District.”

Calvin Coolidge Project


“Sandy is 100% American First. If elected she will join the House Freedom Caucus. In Congress, she will fight hard for her district. Sandy is both 100% Pro-Life and Pro-2nd Amendment. In Washington, she will fight for Religious Freedom and Homeschoolers. Sandy believes in securing the Southern Border. She supports America becoming Energy Independent. She believes in having a balanced budget. She supports our military veterans receiving better healthcare. She is against America getting involved in pointless wars. Sandy Smith is one of the best candidates running in 2024. Vote for Sandy Smith.”

Project Patriot


“Project Patriot proudly endorses Sandy Smith for Congress! Go follow her and support her campaign to put America First!”