ALIPAC Endorses Sandy Smith for Congress for Stance Against Illegal Immigration 

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is endorsing GOP Primary candidate Sandy Smith in North Carolina’s new first congressional district because she is the candidate in the race with the strongest stances against illegal immigration and any form of Amnesty for illegals.

Sandy Smith supports the full comprehensive enforcement of America’s existing immigration and border laws, including the deportation of criminal illegal immigrants, and properly describes Biden’s border disaster as an invasion.

Sandy Smith has signed ALIPAC’s 2022 federal candidate pledge, stating…

If I am elected/reelected to office in 2022, I pledge to secure America’s borders and to protect American lives, jobs, taxpayer resources, and elections by opposing any form of Amnesty or path to citizenship for illegal aliens while simultaneously supporting the full enforcement of America’s existing immigration laws in order to deter and reverse illegal immigration in America.  

I agree that illegals should return home as our current laws state and that Article IV, Section IV of the US Constitution requires elected officials to protect all states from any form of invasion.

I have reviewed ALIPAC’s collection of documentation proving we have a systematic problem of non-citizens, including many illegal immigrants, registering and voting illegally in US elections. I understand ALIPAC’s concerns about Google censoring this information and I pledge to use the full power of my office to put a stop to both big-tech censorship of American voices and non-citizens perpetrating elections fraud on US soil.

Sandy Smith becomes ALIPAC’s 59th endorsed federal candidate (View All) and was also endorsed by the PAC in 2020 after completing the group’s federal candidate survey.

“Sandy Smith is the candidate in this race who has the strongest positions against illegal immigration and Amnesty, and her views represent those of the majority of voters in the new first district,” said William Gheen of “North Carolina needs her voice in Congress because Sandy Smith understands how devastating Biden’s border disaster is for our legal citizens of all races and walks of life.”

Sandy Smith is a front runner in the crowded May 17 GOP primary of eight candidates which includes Sandy Roberson, Will Aiken, Brad Murphy, Ernest Reeves, Brent Roberson, Billy Strickland, and Henry Williams.

In her last race, Smith received more votes than any prior Republican candidate running in the first district, which means she has the best chance of winning the district in the 2022 mid-term general election this November.