After State Supreme Court Redistricting Ruling, Sandy Smith Calls For an Immediate Special Election in NC ‘For Anyone in Office Now Who Was Elected Based Off of These Illegitimate Congressional Maps’

GOP Congressional candidate Sandy Smith today released a statement calling for an immediate special election in North Carolina “for anyone in office now who was elected based off of these illegitimate Congressional maps.”

Smith was the GOP nominee in 2022 in the first Congressional district and lost to Democrat Don Davis by a narrow margin of 52%-47%.

The district was part of the changes that were made to the map after the then-Democrat-leaning state Supreme Court forced the legislature to redraw it.

Initially, the district was to be a Democrat +1 before the changes made it Democrat +5 instead, which helped Davis ensure victory.

The map that the legislature was forced to enact essentially split cities like Charlotte and Raleigh, thereby giving the Democrats the ability to secure a 7-7 split of the state’s representatives.

If the map that the legislature had originally approved goes into effect, Republicans will be in a great position to win 10 of the 14 seats and the district that Smith seeks to represent will be a toss-up at that point.

Smith declared in her statement, “I applaud the North Carolina Supreme Court’s recent constitutional decisions to fulfill what the people voted for overwhelmingly and the legislature passed into law – voter ID, ban on felon voting and overturning the illegitimate Congressional maps that allowed Don Davis to become an illegitimate Congressman.”

“There needs to be an immediate special election throughout all of North Carolina for anyone in office now who was elected based off of these illegitimate Congressional maps,” Smith insisted.

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