Sandy Smith (R) Releases first Campaign Ad in the North Carolina US Senate Race

Here is my new ad. If this ad plays all over North Carolina we win. Donate now to get this great ad on the air: for me, conservative Sandy Smith, in the Republican primary for US Senate to stop socialism, support President Trump, stop gun control and defend our borders. And no men on girls sports teams! That's just crazy!

Posted by Sandy Smith on Tuesday, November 19, 2019

“SWAT Teams”

The same people reporting your Facebook posts will be sending SWAT teams to take your guns under the Red Flag Gun Confiscation Laws Democrats are pushing. You know who else backs Red Flag Gun Confiscation?  Senator Thom Tillis.  No surprise.  Thom Tillis is an open-borders moderate who opposed Trump until Tillis started running for reelection.  Tillis opposed Trump’s Emergency Declaration to Build the Wall, wrote a Washington Post op-ed attacking the president’s agenda and then Tillis got endorsed by a leftist group pushing Transgenders in the Military.

That’s just crazy!  I’m Sandy Smith and I’m running against Thom Tillis in the Republican Primary.  I support President Trump and I support building the wall.  I oppose new gun control laws and oppose special rights for men who say they are women.  My name is Sandy Smith, Republican for US Senate, and I approve this message, because North Carolina needs a strong conservative Senator who will fight Open Borders Socialism and stand with President Trump.  Learn more about me at  Paid for by Sandy Smith for Senate.