Exclusive: Swamp Creature Thom Tillis’ Pro-Trump Challenger Says POTUS ‘Needs More Warriors’

A Republican primary challenger of empty GOP establishment suit Senator Thom Tillis spoke with The Rundown Thursday and explained why Tillis must be voted out of office for the good of the America First agenda. 

“You’re going to know very clearly where I stand, and that’s side-by-side with the President,” Sandy Smith said. “I fully believe that President Trump needs more warriors, and that’s what I’m ready to be.”

Smith, a political outsider, has a background as a chief financial officer and business owner. She describes herself as a “business farmer,” because she owns a farm, though she does not do the farming. Having never been a politician, she is diametrically opposed to her incumbent opponent, who has served in the U.S. Congress for more than a decade, and was a local politician before that.

She decided to run for office because she was fed up with Republican politicians working against Trump.

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