Welcome to my digital campaign headquarters for U.S. Congress in North Carolina’s 1st District.

This campaign is about you.  It’s about all of us.  I have never run for political office before, and don’t have a long political pedigree — so I am definitely not your status quo career politician or a member of the boys club.  I will work alongside our President in service to the people of our great country.

I do know what it is to be a proud military mom — one who worked her way through school, raised a family, and built a successful business — and that we need strong new leaders in Washington who will fight for the values that made this country great.

We aren’t going to see any change with the same old candidates and campaigns. I’m the breath of fresh air – or as my friends and family say – the “Little Red Firecracker” the Republican Party needs!

Yes, we have the most women ever elected to Congress and the Senate, which is truly a great thing.  The problem is that, in many cases, we’ve elected the wrong women.  The time is now that we elect the right women.  I am a strong conservative woman that loves this great country, respects and stands with our President, and is truly proud to embrace all of America’s greatness.

Together we can take our country to the next level of greatness!


Meet Sandy

Meet Sandy

Many people call me the “little red firecracker” because I’m a go-getter.  All my life, I’ve embraced hard work, and witnessed firsthand the positive benefits and results.

I am not a career politician but a proud Conservative Republican Woman.  I am a business owner, entrepreneur and real estate investor.

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